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Hilary Abell & Alison Lingane

Hilary Abell & Alison Lingane

Project Equity

"Employee Ownership Then and Now — a 10 Year Look Back"

Hilary Abell & Alison Lingane

Institute For The Future, Marina Gorbis

"The Future is Within Reach: How Public Banking and Employee Ownership Can Create Resilient Local Economies"

Hilary Abell & Alison Lingane

Fast Company, Kristin Toussaint

"A wave of small business owners are about to retire. They should sell their companies to their workers."

Hilary Abell & Alison Lingane

Impact Alpha Podcast, David Bank

Project Equity's Alison Lingane talks about the growing popularity of employee ownership as a strategy for generating wealth and democratizing the economy

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Philanthropy News Digest

Heinz Family Foundation announces 2022 Heinz Award recipients